Production Date

Engine power


Acceleration 0-100 km/h


595 HP

235 km/h


Ford Fiesta T-16

Ford Fiesta T-16

This model was the strongest in the history of the Fiesta prepared by a team of technicians from the Transit Center Motorsport. The car was built in 2008 and immediately began to succeed in the international arena. It quickly became clear that he is unrivaled in the national races.

Technical Specifications

Below we present the technical specification
Ford Fiesta T-16 WRC built in the Transit Center Motorsport.

Engine, Power, Computer

2.0 Turbo, 595HP, 800Nm, DTA PRO-80 and Digitech

Gearbox and Drive

5-speed sequential GBS, 4x4


Proflex EVO-3

Exhaust system and fuel system



Ford Motorsport-ZF


Bucket seats, Safety cage in accordance with the FIA, 5-point safety belts


Ford Fiesta T-16 WRC kierowany was directed by Marcin Wicik, which won the Fiesta in 2010 Polish Cup in RallyCross.

Ford Fiesta T-16 Gallery

A collection of photos showing the process of building the car and
the final effect after completion of the construction.

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