Ford Transit MK7 DriftBus

The first car in the world to drift built on car delivery. It had its premiere in 2011 on the track RallyCross in Słomczyn. The project is so unique that no one had ever had the idea of building this type of car based on the Ford Transit. The task initially impossible to do turned out to be a fact. After two years of construction, on the track came in Słomczyn 440-horsepower monster. First impressions viewers were unforgettable, everyone wondered what this doing here Transit. After a moment, everything became clear - it was DriftBus and doing the show! After a short presentation, there was a wave of questions, the most important of them - asked by many observers are: "What is under the hood!?". Here are the specifications of our DriftBus to answer at least for part of your questions.

  • Base: - Ford Transit MK6 & MK7
  • Engine: - BMW M5 V8
  • Power: - 440HP
  • Type Drive: - Rear-wheel drive
  • Seats: - 4x bucket seat
  • Safety: - Safety cage & 4-Point Race Harness
  • Fire Safety: - Extinguishing system