The new face of Taxi Drift

According to the announcement Drift Bus born again! We present you with a completely new face Drift Taxi. Our legendary Ford Transit MK7 this time was decorated with the colors brand of Trateo - auto parts manufacturer for vans. Through our partnership with one of the Polish companies engaged in wrapping cars, we were able to move the graphic design directly to the car body DriftBus in unchanged form!

The concept of changing the image of our car appeared in October 2016. Since then we have worked hard to prepare the car to make the official presentation.

Our DriftBus took part in the winter tests Trateo Automotive Parts in Motopark Toruń. Full report of the tests is at this link.

We welcome all to read the new Drift Taxi and share Their opinions about the new look of the car on our Facebook page.

Great strides approaching the premiere of the new look Drift Taxi

At the end of October 2016 he founded a new idea to change the image of our DriftBus. Many projects were able to choose one. Our Drift Taxi went to Bydgoszcz for the shedding of our graphic design on the bodywork of this unique car. Finding a company that would take on this task was not easy. Many companies refused to implement because of the very complicated formula. Fortunately, our car is already in the process of finalizing the wrapping, and his official presentation will probably take place in December on the legendary street Karowa the next Rally Barbórka! We invite you!

Guest with imagination and gasoline in his veins

... Driftbus Martin Wicik took participated in many events and shows during official competitions drifting. It can be seen, among others, on Track "Poznan" during a round of DMP and Karowa Street in Warsaw at the end of two editions of Rally Barbórka. Transit V8 sideways forwards drove well in November last year when organized by our editorial Drifting Cup of Independence. Soon it will present at the next co-organized by our events - Mercedes-Benz Drift Day. Ford with Pędzewo also participated in charitable activities, and was presented in a variety of automotive media. Video and press release presenting the possibility Drift Busa prepared, among others, editors of Top Gear Polish..."

Tomasz Niejadlik (Drift Magazyn)

50 Rally Barbórka Karowa 2012

50th jubilee edition of the Rally Barbórka, despite the bitter cold, gathered as usual crowds of car fans. Spectators cheered sports excitement and the smell of exhaust gas, which was omnipresent.

Also, we decided to present our unique vehicle which is DriftBus. Drive through the legendary street Karowa is the dream of every lover of rallies. Therefore, when only received an invitation from the organizers of the jubilee edition of the Rally Barbórka, not wondering for a moment. He immediately proceeded to work that allowed us to prepare Transit to the event.

So after about a week of preparation, we managed to be at the start, one of the most famous rallies in Poland! Admittedly, we did not take a direct part in the rally, but this did not prevent us to feel the atmosphere of the whole event and competition. Our DriftBus appeared directly before the finals... Ride, who initially promised to be "boring" (vans at the start ?!) turned out to be a big hit of the rally! Rotating around the tires of the van, nobody expected, there was a lot of noise, smoke and fire! The shouts gathered at the railings fans encouraged to continue show. Our entire ride was just for Them!

After our crossing the street Karowa for many years to read the positive comments about our car. Thank you all and each one of them for this incredible adventure, and to see in the coming years!