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You might ask, how did the idea for the construction of the car to drift on the basis of the commercial vehicle Ford Transit. The answer is simple - in everyone's life there comes a moment that he must do something crazy, something that the world has not heard - and we did it! Therefore we created DriftBus, which will long remain in the memory of people who have had the opportunity to sit on the passenger seat and drive in a controlled slip many many kilometers.

Ford Transit MK7 DrifBus is a unique project that on your board can take up to 4 people! Extensive improvements at the base of the car, we have the opportunity to experience the real ride with your friends! DriftTaxi a unique opportunity to make a gift to your loved ones or revive every event. DriftBus is our property, and hence, we can use it to its limits - fun him in every situation together with you!

Drift Taxi is not only an opportunity to ride in the passenger seat first in the world in a van built for drifting. It is also an opportunity to get to know the real racing driver, who took part in many races and competitions throughout Europe, and his career crowned Polish Championships in RallyCross. The experience allows the driver to feel safe even at speeds far in excess of, those permitted on public roads.

As a passenger, squeezing the safety cage will take the place of one of the four bucket seats, will be to him pinned multi-point seat belts, as in every rally car. Starts innocently ... from the first gear. Then the fun starts - experience many impressions are not available on a daily basis. At the first corner you feel something special, you will be wondering how it is at all possible. When tempers the first emotions reach you smell burning rubber, which will be a companion in your memory for many years, and the memories you can share with their grandchildren. Driving DriftBusem can not be compared to anything else - probably seen a lot of trucks, but we assure you that we held the Ford Transit is the only such in the world.

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