Marcin Wicik

Polish RallyCross Champion

Marcin Wicik is considered as one of the most talented Polish Rallycross drivers ever. During his career he was achieving most important motorsport trophies.

Five times vice-champion in polish Rallycross Championship 2001 – 2005. Won Polish Rallycross Championship title in 2007.

Constructor and Rallycross driver.

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The begin

season 2001 - 2002

Marcin Wicik is considered as one of the most talented Polish Rallycross drivers ever. During his career he was achieving most important motorsport trophies. He began his motosport adventures in 2001, starting in popular KJS and winning local vice-champion title.

In 2002, he had commenced starts on Rallycross circuits in Poland. After very hard working season he had scored national follow up champion in class 4 of four wheel drive cars. Getting that title was unclear until last race of the season in Torun, where he had conquered many rivals listed on the top so far.

In the same year Marcin made his debut in the European Championship once advancing to the final. This piece of the history of Polish motorsport you can see in the accompanying video.

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New titles

season 2003

Over the next years, Transit Center and car tuning specialist from Auto Pro Tuning company were modifying and improving Ford Escort Cosworth. In seasons 2003 our team finished in top three in each round. Despite of these successes, the team had to be satisfied with follow up champion title. This was also the first year when drivers had a chance to race outside of Poland borders during Polish Rallycross Championship. Pictures on the right show how hard enough conditions drivers had to face in Lithuania, one of external rounds.

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Breakthrough year

season 2004

2004 season started with short of fortune, as the clutch broke down during first race in Toruń. Some later problems with engine made it clear that most of the car parts have been used out during last three years of racing. In the middle of the seasons Marcin was on fifth position in Polish Championship.

In June 2004 Transit Center Motorsport had bought Ford Escort Cosworth in A group specification in Belgium. The company Pauwels Motorsport, which helped to prepare car for Ralycross, is pretty famous in the international racing&rallying society nowadays.. During last races of the season Marcin Wicik tried to catch up with other competitors in his new car. In Słomczyn round he started in Ford Focus and took over Bogdan Ludwiczak in spectacular style while pouring rain weather conditions. Movie shows some dramatic scenes from those races.

Marcin has been fighting to the end and won got follow up champion title.

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A few steps gap from champion

season 2005

In 2005, for the first time Marcin had a chance to win Polish Rallycross Champion title in newly prepared car but unfortunately it’s drive unit broke down processing first laps. The following races he had completed on second place thanks to new engine put in Ford Escort. That year, alike former one, two national rounds were going on outside of Poland. Both of them were taken by Marcin, who ticked the victory over his biggest rival, Jacek Ptaszek driving Toyota Corolla WRC. In that season Marcin Wicik was unbeatable and his car was failure-free.

At the end of the season in Toruń struggle for the first place was still going on. During this race Marcin was rammed out of the track by Jacek Ptaszek, who scored black flag penalty. After that incident Marcin was able to get into fight for third place only.

After hard time in championship season in Poland, time has came up for European competition in Słomczyn where our driver after passing all heats qualified to the finals and finished on 14 place.

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New Ford Focus RS WRC

season 2006

At the end of 2005 our team began to work over new race car. The original idea was to use as basic body of Ford Fiesta, but finally we changed our mind to build more common Ford Focus RC WRC. The car itself has been created in cooperation with Belgium driver Jos Sterkens who is very experienced in building many fast 4WD rallycross cars. The new one was shown up in March 2006 in Holland, just shortly before the first real race few weeks later in time of Polish Championship external round in Lithuania. Marcin had very good training times, but was not able to complete the race because of problems with live axle. After that, our team decided to give up Polish Championship that year and to be focused on European Championship. The driver returned only for last race in Toruń where he was fighting on his own with the strongest BioKar team. In spectacular style he conquered all three cars despite many unfair trials to knock him out of the track. Video from that race can be viewed on the right.

In this year Marcin attended events in Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Poland and Czech Republic.

More details about 2006 and 2007 can be found in ARCHIVES section.

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Winning the Polish Championship title

season 2007

At the begin of 2007, Marcin won race on track near Magdeburg in Germany in new Ford Focus RS WRC. The race is a part of German Championship and was rolling on whilst difficult weather conditions. Victory in race with German Rallycross Champion gave hope for the rest of the season.

Along winter, Marcin and Transit Center company was preparing new Ford Focus in 2004 specification. In that car we have won the first Polish round in Toruń. Next races in Czech Republic made clear that Wicik will be the faster driver of the season with two unbeatable Ford Focus cars. With the success in following race and third place in Central Europe Championship we were in a halfway to long awaited Polish Champion title.

The first chance to win this title was in the second half of the season during Słomczyn’s round.. Unfortunately wrong decisions announced by marshals made it up impossible. Marcin was punished with black flag because of the mistake of other driver (see video). Despite those issues he finished on third place, and second Ford Focus from Transit Center team, driven by Tadeusz Myszkier, had won the Polish Championship!

We confirmed rights to the title gotten while international race on Sedlcany circuit in Czech Republic. Among all polish drivers being present only Marcin qualified to the finals and scored 20 points in Polish Championship serial. With those points Marcin was sure of winning the overall events and didn’t need to take a part in Torun competition.

After six years of racing on different European tracks, Marcin has finally got Polish Rallycross Championship title!!!

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Year 2008

season 2008

Following year Marcin and Transit Center Motorsport company focused on building new car.

The project commenced at the end of 2006. The complete history of all cars prepared by our company can be found in section CAR SPECIFICATION. For the new car we had chosen four wheel drive Ford Fiesta T-16 with 2.0 turbo 595 HP Cosworth engine. The car was presented to the public in September 2008 in Toruń at the end of the race season. Our team passed to the finals without any problems, thanks to perfectly prepared car. Unfortunately, the concerns with power transmission system coming up in time of the race didn’t allow to finish the race.

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The victory in Polish Championship

season 2009

In winter 2008/2009 Transit Center company has bought rear wheel drive Ford Fiesta from European 2nd Champion Jos Sterkens. The car has been modified by our team for competition in European Championship. The first round took place on Lydden Hill track in England. During this race Marcin gained experience in driving RWD cars. In the second day of racing our driver was able to fight with the best drivers to the moment when Fiesta engine had blown up. Beside those problems Marcin proved that he can compete in RWD cars with the top of European riders.

Our team had to wait 4 weeks for the new engine and missed next European rounds. After that we decided to give up next races in Europe and mind particularly Polish Championship. That idea paid off and with new Ford Fiesta Marcin won national title leaving rivals far behind.

As always our team closed up the season with European Championship in Słomczyn. For the first time Wicik qualified to A final and crossed the finish line on fifth place. That was the best result of our driver in international events ever.

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Come back of four wheel drive cars

season 2010

In 2010 Marcin Wicik planned to continue racing in Polish Championship and Polish Rallycross Cup in four wheel drive Ford Fiesta T-16.

The first race in Toruń was a part of Polish Rallycross Cup. Once again Marcin started in strongest rallycross class and showed how fast he is, winning double qualification in April. During next international race in Czech Republic our driver passed to the finals and took the best position among all polish competitors.

In the next part of the season in Lithuania, Marcin had spectacular accident that made the event more attracting to the public. Our driver won Polish Rallycross Cup division 1. Gained experience letting him to qualify for European finals in Słomczyn.

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Last season

season 2011

Ten years of performances on the race track was crowned with the Polish Cup in the SuperCars class. Martin once again on the track in Słomczyn was unrivaled among Polish racers. And took second place in Eastern Europe World Cup (see movie)

In September Marcin presented his new passion ... Ford Transit build for drift shows...